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increase in sales when selling boardgame items with


increase in sales when selling art supplies with


increase in sales when selling makeup products with


increase in sales when selling shampoo items with

Grow your Walmart business with ultra-fast fulfillment

Drive more conversion across your Walmart listings by showcasing fasr delivery promises to buyers.

Badges that increase sales


Estimated sales increase

Items on Walmart’s ThreeDay program  have seen on average a 30% increase in sales.


Estimated sales increase

Items on Walmart’s TwoDay program have seen on average a 47% increase in sales for eligible areas.


For items under 1 pound, Deliverr will display equal proportions of TwoDay and ThreeDay fast tag coverage. Items over 1 pound will show more TwoDay fast tag coverage than ThreeDay.

“Deliverr is by far one of the best 3PL providers in the market…Deliverr is constantly innovating with new fast shipping delivery options on increasingly more marketplaces making it so easy to expand discoverability.”

Casey Gauss


“Their onboarding process was awesome, super easy and the ability to handle new channels was a problem we were facing beforehand. Adding Deliverr has dramatically improved both our and revenue with 2 day shipping.”

Fernando Cruz


“The Deliverr team has been instrumental in helping Kaspien execute on our marketplace growth strategies and providing creative business solutions through this extremely volatile time in supply chain management.”

Ned Woodward


Improved search ranking

When you enable your items on TwoDay and ThreeDay delivery, your items rank higher in Walmart search — reaching more buyers.

Buy box prominence

Boost your ability to win the buy box. Participating sellers can even win the buy box against lower-priced competitors.

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Affordable, all-inclusive pricing

Only pay for the fulfillment and logistics services you use with predictable, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees.

Phone case

3 x 2 x 4 in

Protein powder

11 x 8 x 8 in

Espresso machine

15 x 10 x 10 in

Computer monitor

23 x 16 x 7 in

How to accelerate your eCommerce growth with Walmart advertising

Walmart has overtaken eBay, emerging as the second-largest ecommerce retailer.

How long does it take to get started?

Day 1

Get started

Connect your listing tool or Walmart account in just a few clicks, and explore cost previews for each item in your catalog.

Day 4-8

Send inventory

Pick the items you want to send, and Deliverr will guide you step-by-step on how to ship to us. You can even use our discounted shipping rates!

Day 5-10

Activate delivery badges

Input your Walmart credentials in Deliverr, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll soon see your items activated with fast shipping!

Day 5-10

Start selling

Once we receive your inventory, we will sync with Walmart so that orders automatically start flowing in.

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What integrations do you support?

We currently support integrations with ChannelAdvisor, Sellbrite, Zentail, SellerActive, GeekSeller, Shopify, Skubana, Listing Mirror, Ecomdash and SellerCloud. We also support a direct integration with Walmart for sellers not using any of these tools. If you’re using Shopify, you will have to purchase GeekSeller’s Shopify plugin product to connect your Shopify account to Walmart.

How can I see pricing for our products?

It’s simple! Go into your Seller Portal in Deliverr, and visit your inventory page. Select the “Walmart Fast Tag” cost preview — and voilà.

How do I become eligible for Walmart TwoDay and ThreeDay delivery?

When you use Deliverr for your Walmart fulfillment, you will automatically become eligible for the program. You can opt into the program via the Deliverr Seller Portal. Once your inventory arrives in multiple Deliverr locations, the badge will be applied to your listings.

Can I use Deliverr to fulfill select items from my Walmart catalog?

Yes, Deliverr can fulfill as many or as few SKUs that you want on You do not need to put your entire catalog on our system, and you can split fulfillment between Deliverr and your own fulfillment center.

I'm not yet a seller on Walmart Marketplace, how do I join?

You can apply to join the Walmart Marketplace and learn about the application requirements using this link.

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